Good night, Midtown.

My New York adventure kicked off with an elegant display of sunshine after some distasteful rain, wind, snow and unseen cold weather in decades. Not only did the weather put on a show for one of its hundreds of thousands new visitors that day, it beamed rays of glorious warm sunshine upon the streets of Manhattan, in its finest attempt to make my 24th birthday something to remember.

On foot, I scoured the long streets of Midtown, all the way from E24th, up 5th avenue to W59th at the southern end of a frosty Central Park. 5th Avenue dished up shopping like I have never had the privilege of experiencing before in my life. Back in Australia, fashion in Brisbane is few and far between and it always feels like last years fashion is out on display in comparison to what is on offer here. As terrible as that may sound.

Midtown well and truly had me by a stronghold and by the end of the day, the blinding lights of Times Square were too much to handle. A quick bite to eat and meet up with my roommate, Times Square had given me a show, only ever seen in movies and my dreams.

The smell of the street food, mixed with thousands of tourists and a lingering cold night ahead, the nicest and most comfortable option was to retreat to my bed. warm, cosy and a magnificent way to reminisce about that day that was.

New York, you are beyond words amazing and i cannot wait to wake up to you tomorrow.