Sustainable Containers

Shipping container housing has gained considerable momentum in the last few years, with some pretty exciting, inspirational, and at times whacky designs have made their mark in the sustainable construction and housing sector.

With an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation in the world, it is no wonder these incredibly affordable, durable and portable containers have become a revolution. A few things that need to be considered when looking into containers for alternative buildings, include a couple of the following points:

  1. Insulation – Given that a shipping container is built primarily to transport goods on the high seas, many are not insulated to a standard that could be useful for human habitation. Ensuring adequate insulation is installed in the ceiling and walls is essential for thermal comfort.
  2. Structural – A shipping container’s structure can be compromised when windows and other openings are cut into the structure requiring reinforcing
  3. Cost – Weighing up whether a shipping container transformation is worth the time, money and resources that you are ultimately trying to save should be an important element of your decision to go down the path of a container conversion. You may end up spending more of everything and using up valuable resources that could have been avoided in a traditional build.

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