The Renovating Game: Modesty Vs Madness

I recently (one year ago) started renovating my first home, a 1950’s post war cottage in country Queensland, to which I have learnt an immense amount about a) the cost of renovating and the associated ‘unknowns’ that announce themselves mid-way through ripping apart a bathroom or tearing up 3 layers of lino; b) the time and planning involved in renovating with never ending trips to Mitre 10 and Bunnings – this could be largely due to the fact that I could live in either of these stores hence the amount of time spent there procrastinating; c) the importance of understanding how one area affects another – for example; air conditioners being disconnected from water sources and potentially causing thousands of dollars damage due to a minor error and of course d) did I mention the cost? This is all the fun of renovating/remodelling/revamping your little piece of paradise – something in which I find much joy and reward in and am happy to have worked hard for.

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