Sustainable Containers

Shipping container housing has gained considerable momentum in the last few years, with some pretty exciting, inspirational, and at times whacky designs have made their mark in the sustainable construction and housing sector.

With an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation in the world, it is no wonder these incredibly affordable, durable and portable containers have become a revolution. A few things that need to be considered when looking into containers for alternative buildings, include a couple of the following points:

  1. Insulation – Given that a shipping container is built primarily to transport goods on the high seas, many are not insulated to a standard that could be useful for human habitation. Ensuring adequate insulation is installed in the ceiling and walls is essential for thermal comfort.
  2. Structural – A shipping container’s structure can be compromised when windows and other openings are cut into the structure requiring reinforcing
  3. Cost – Weighing up whether a shipping container transformation is worth the time, money and resources that you are ultimately trying to save should be an important element of your decision to go down the path of a container conversion. You may end up spending more of everything and using up valuable resources that could have been avoided in a traditional build.

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Koh Rong, Cambodia

After my first adventure to Cambodia in 2012, I was so excited to be returning again in 2015, setting out on another incredible journey with a group of friends. Having been before, I wanted to make new memories by exploring new territory, as well as re-visiting some of the places I had seen before.

One place that stuck out for me when planning this trip was Koh Rong, located off the coast of Sihanoukville in the Gulf of Thailand. The pictures were incredible and the overall vibe I was getting from other traveler’s reviews was one of serenity and complete bliss! Safe to say, we were not disappointed and Koh Rong is every bit of paradise that is portrayed with its white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and untouched island hideaway vibes. Continue reading


New York: Ten Before 10pm

Ah New York. The Big Apple. The City that never sleeps. The melting pot of America. From the Bronx to Manhattan and Queens to Staten Island, New York is the city where you could live your whole life and still not be able to tick everything off your list, simply because you could never keep up with the ever-changing face of such a rapidly evolving city. Continue reading


Cambodia: Where Time Stood Still

Travelling through South-East Asia is something of wonders. The things you see, do, eat and feel are a far cry from many experiences you may have daily, and many leave you realising that whilst there may always seem to be more to life, you never really need many things to make you happy.  The people of Cambodia are a true testament to this statement, with their beautiful big smiles, warm and generous hospitality, hard working nature and want for nothing more than your business to put food on the table for their families. Continue reading

Vietnam: Know Your Adventure

Over the past 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to visit one of the most diverse and spectacular parts of South East-Asia, from South to North or North to South, which ever way in which you choose to travel, Vietnam is one exquisite country with an abundance of experiences to offer every traveller of all walks of life.

My two experiences in Vietnam, were vastly different for a number of reasons and for this I am grateful, as that is what travelling so rewarding – every adventure is a new and exciting experience.  Continue reading


Surprising Finds: Affordable Furnishings

Furnishing a house can be an expensive exercise, especially when you would like to keep up with current trends, you may be remodelling your home to suit a change in lifestyle or you simply want to have a fresh start with something new in the house.

Recently through my quest to find affordable furnishings that look great and will weather any trend phase, I turned my attention to some fantastic products currently on offer from some of our biggest retailers at astoundingly affordable prices. Take a look at some of my finds below. Continue reading


The Renovating Game: Modesty Vs Madness

I recently (one year ago) started renovating my first home, a 1950’s post war cottage in country Queensland, to which I have learnt an immense amount about a) the cost of renovating and the associated ‘unknowns’ that announce themselves mid-way through ripping apart a bathroom or tearing up 3 layers of lino; b) the time and planning involved in renovating with never ending trips to Mitre 10 and Bunnings – this could be largely due to the fact that I could live in either of these stores hence the amount of time spent there procrastinating; c) the importance of understanding how one area affects another – for example; air conditioners being disconnected from water sources and potentially causing thousands of dollars damage due to a minor error and of course d) did I mention the cost? This is all the fun of renovating/remodelling/revamping your little piece of paradise – something in which I find much joy and reward in and am happy to have worked hard for.

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