Sustainable Containers

Shipping container housing has gained considerable momentum in the last few years, with some pretty exciting, inspirational, and at times whacky designs have made their mark in the sustainable construction and housing sector.

With an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation in the world, it is no wonder these incredibly affordable, durable and portable containers have become a revolution. A few things that need to be considered when looking into containers for alternative buildings, include a couple of the following points:

  1. Insulation – Given that a shipping container is built primarily to transport goods on the high seas, many are not insulated to a standard that could be useful for human habitation. Ensuring adequate insulation is installed in the ceiling and walls is essential for thermal comfort.
  2. Structural – A shipping container’s structure can be compromised when windows and other openings are cut into the structure requiring reinforcing
  3. Cost – Weighing up whether a shipping container transformation is worth the time, money and resources that you are ultimately trying to save should be an important element of your decision to go down the path of a container conversion. You may end up spending more of everything and using up valuable resources that could have been avoided in a traditional build.

Container housing has opened up a world of innovative designs, creative space  saving and creating solutions and is reusing what would have been otherwise another container sitting idle somewhere. Whether it’s a house extension or a new one, a granny-flat for the teenage kids or guests, even a new portable coffee shop business – the shipping container has opened up a world of possibility in the sustainable construction market.

As sustainable house continues to build a strong following, the designs and inclusions will only continue to become more and more interesting and innovative. Here is a collection of some of the most incredible container housing examples I have found.

Container Homes Designer Domain –

These guys have some seriously impressive designs to showcase. Inspiration from small business to large homes, there are some wonderful ideas to make you think twice about your next building venture!

10448759-522409304527038-4847211354392016134-n_orig439918_orig(Container Homes Designer Domain – Image Source)

Inhabitat –

With all things environment, architecture and design, the guys at Inhabitat have put together a stella list of inspiring container transformations from around the world. One of my favourites is the Texas Guest House shown below. A brilliant example of simplistic design with flare and functionality.



(Inhabitat – Image Source)

Joseph Dupuis of Working Title – Working Tile

The man behind the brilliant shipping container house, built for less than $27,000, Joseph Dupuis has designed and created a home from 30 x 20′ shipping containers outside of Ottawa, showcasing a magnificent connection from outside to within, whilst paying respects to the traditional look and feel of a container.

Being full self sufficient in all aspects from water, waste and power, this container house is not only inspirational but revolutionary!


Photo credit: Japheth Alvarez (Image Source)

Container housing will continue to grow momentum as not only alternative ethical construction and living,  but with savvy home owners who are looking to downsize and reduce the burden of mortgages that last a lifetime.

Container Swimming Pools Royal Wolf

What better way to really make an impact with a shipping container conversion! One of the most expensive elements of a home can be the family swimming pool, whether above or below ground, they are money consuming, high maintenance bodies of water.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the tradition pool construction, look no further than Ra 40′ shipping container! Converted to incorporate a gate and stairs with platform to lower in, your ready-made pool can be easily transported into the back yard via crane, with little to no difficulty, providing you with a sanctuary for those hot summer days!

(Container Pool Idea – Image Source)

Let me know if you have other great shipping container housing or business ideas and examples!

Never stop venturing outside the norm, HtH x


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